Snow Recovery

If you find yourself in this kind of snow, you’d better be well stocked and prepared for a wait as the sun comes out and hardens the snow layer by layer. You could be waiting a while, but it will happen. Eventually.

Never do that again.

I stood, literally frozen, in the silence. I waited. Was he coming? It was 25 degrees and I knew it was a one-mile hike uphill in the dark through deep, deep snow.

Staking A Claim: Property

The descriptions of most off-grid properties are, let’s just say, generous. We looked at houses that were described as having a full off grid set up – they were “self-sufficient” with a well, solar system, bathroom, etc. In reality the well pump didn’t work (so was there even water?), the solar system consisted of one obsolete panel and the “bathroom” was a composting toilet.

Yes, You Can Die of Stupidity

Naturally, we’re all prone to making stupid mistakes from time to time. No one is perfect. Hopefully, though, they aren’t life-or-death mistakes and we learn from them and go on to do better. Ideally.