Harvest Update 2022

Getting slapped by grasshoppers in the sweltering heat and smoke just feels wrong when there’s no one getting slapped beside you. A good partner can transform a supremely annoying situation into something you can both laugh about.

Greenhouse #2

Living here, depending on the land and surrounded by nature, I feel inspired to eat more consciously and in tune with my surroundings. I want to eat what’s in season and preserve those ruby red succulent tomatoes for the cold, dark days when we’re socked in by 4′ of snow.

Garden Planning

Our farm is 60 acres; the land is fenced and cross-fenced and we utilize about 10 acres, so far, for our home, barn, and gardens. Last year we planted a small garden in the field. It was only our second summer so much of what we tried was experimental. It’s a good thing, too, because we had a few surprises.