Snow Recovery

If you find yourself in this kind of snow, you’d better be well stocked and prepared for a wait as the sun comes out and hardens the snow layer by layer. You could be waiting a while, but it will happen. Eventually.

Never do that again.

I stood, literally frozen, in the silence. I waited. Was he coming? It was 25 degrees and I knew it was a one-mile hike uphill in the dark through deep, deep snow.

Harvest Update 2022

Getting slapped by grasshoppers in the sweltering heat and smoke just feels wrong when there’s no one getting slapped beside you. A good partner can transform a supremely annoying situation into something you can both laugh about.

Food Security

I know not everyone lives on a farm or has room to grow food, but these preservation methods can be utilized in any environment. At least, for now.

Harnessing the Sun

We’ve been reliant on solar power for nearly two years now. As we’ve added on, modified and adjusted, I often question whether large-scale solar or wind power is feasible for whole communities.

I Live on a Farm.

You see, what my coworker didn’t know is that I never really cared about glitzy shoes. Sure, they’re fun, but they’re just static things in a fluid world. She never saw me in my 20’s when I was scrubbing toilets at the Hyatt or working on an assembly line soldering wires for underwater cables.

Greenhouse #2

Living here, depending on the land and surrounded by nature, I feel inspired to eat more consciously and in tune with my surroundings. I want to eat what’s in season and preserve those ruby red succulent tomatoes for the cold, dark days when we’re socked in by 4′ of snow.

Spring (and a new well)!

For now, though, the windows are wide open, the birds are singing and I’m running around making everything “pretty” like a girl is prone to do in springtime.

Pickin’ Up Chicks

Chickens basically need just a few simple things: shelter and protection from harsh weather and predators, a place to nest (lay eggs), a place to roost (simple as a stick), and food and water.

Water: A Desert’s Gold

It’d be heaven, no doubt, to live where the weather is always 70 degrees and sunny, where the fields are green and gold year-round. Those places are already full of people, for obvious reasons. They’re also out of our budget.

Staking A Claim: Property

The descriptions of most off-grid properties are, let’s just say, generous. We looked at houses that were described as having a full off grid set up – they were “self-sufficient” with a well, solar system, bathroom, etc. In reality the well pump didn’t work (so was there even water?), the solar system consisted of one obsolete panel and the “bathroom” was a composting toilet.

Yes, You Can Die of Stupidity

Naturally, we’re all prone to making stupid mistakes from time to time. No one is perfect. Hopefully, though, they aren’t life-or-death mistakes and we learn from them and go on to do better. Ideally.

Garden Planning

Our farm is 60 acres; the land is fenced and cross-fenced and we utilize about 10 acres, so far, for our home, barn, and gardens. Last year we planted a small garden in the field. It was only our second summer so much of what we tried was experimental. It’s a good thing, too, because we had a few surprises.