Living & Loving

Off Grid

Welcome. We're John and Greta, a seemingly normal middle-aged couple who got fed up with jumping through corporate hoops and ran away from home. We live off grid in an undisclosed location in the western part of the United States. 

Until recently, John and I owned a home in a relatively large town; we had retirement accounts and insurance; we paid our taxes - we did all the normal stuff - until that life path just didn't make sense anymore. In 2020, John and I both found ourselves in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between our jobs and our ethics. The decision was clear. And, thus, our off-grid adventure began.

"Off grid", in our case, means we produce our own power from solar and wind, and we have a private well and septic system. We also have greenhouses and a garden to produce as much of our own food as possible.         

John is a millwright and worked as a Maintenance Superintendent for over 20 years. I'm a glass artist and technical writer with a passion for baking and gardening. We're both adventurous, handy, and we enjoy problem solving.  Bonus: we work together well. The result? We get a lot done. 

Some people visibly cringe when we tell them we live off grid. They imagine outhouses, hauling buckets of water and frigid outdoor showers. Well, that's one way to do it, but it's not ours. Living off grid, for us, means enjoying a quality of life that includes fresh food, fresh air and going to bed every night tired, in a good way, and, hopefully, a little bit wiser.  

Thanks for visiting us here online. Don't be shy about reaching out if you have a comment, suggestion or question.

Be well.